About Us

A.U.T.O American United Transport Operators INC.

Down flat tire, left your keys in the car, and have been waiting on a response from your emergency roadside service AND/OR your insurance company for 2 to 4 hours?…. Do you have to sacrifice your whole day, doctors visit and other important appointments, because your roadside service is taking forever to respond.

Wouldn’t you prefer to take things in your hands with immediate response with an affordable cost and professional services at your convenience. Imagine roadside service towing for: tire change, jump starts, fuel delivered quickly with one call. Similar to your shared ride service, one call and the closest available services will respond within minutes, not hours.

Service at your fingertips with professionals trained, insured and highly experienced in the field. Calling a tow truck doesn’t have to be a hard experience. The last time you needed to call a tow truck you probably waited over an hour or more. Eliminate the wait with no fees or membership, just sign up and you will be on your way to a better service with no ridiculously long time and limited service.

Sign up now at no cost.